We call this our Ridgetop Discover program.

Equine assisted activities are designed to be interactive, experiential (learn while you are doing) and chosen to facilitate growth and learning. Individuals, families and groups can discover their own potential and their personal best solutions by participating in relevant activities with the horses, which then allows them to process thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and patterns. We provide expert-designed leadership development and teambuilding in a unique, fun, unforgettable way.

Groups will participate in activities with the horses in their herd. These activities are chosen to meet the client’s specific needs and goals such as communication, team dynamics, decision making, problem solving, leadership, dealing with ethics.

The clients become aware of their behaviour and choices made in the moment. Self-awareness as an individual and as team or family member is needed before there can be any change. The impact of self – awareness can be transferred into other areas of daily life and work.

The activities are all non-ridden and occur in a natural environment. Our training is in the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) model. EAGALA is an international model used on all continents.